further than i was planning to come.

from high fives in vacant lots 
to lowlives in highrise blocks
through warm bars, easy action 
to cold hearts, never passions

the future just went past us, 
it's only hip-hop-diamond-trash-lust...

(stencil by banksy, london)


city as a lab

* stencil made to write on the ice by broken city lab.

                                * from the project "save the city" by broken city lab .

* magnetic planters by broken city lab.

the practical alternative to work

via http://evrd.net

if you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be "meetings". (dave barry)



gwyneth paltrow as sylvia plath, directed by christine jeffs, 2003.

- very intelligent, cows. did you know that?
* really?
- not a lot of people give them credit.
* what do you think they'd prefer? milton or chaucer?
- chaucer. obviously. 


twenty years to go...

twenty years after the chernobyl disaster, seven artists from moskow, minsk & berlin travelled to the hostile restrickted area within the project "1986-2006" started by sergey abramchuk and vitali shkliarou who witnessed the catastrophe as a child. with their work they wanted to "commemorate a catastrophe that can happen again anytime and should not do so".

as a keen admirer of street art & photography of industrial buildings and abondaned places, it's hard for me to take my eyes off of these -and impossible to pick out just 2-3 photos.

*project website: http://26-04-1986.com



charlotte gainsbourg & beck - heaven can wait (irm)

she’s sliding, she’s sliding down to the depth of the world
she’s fighting, she’s fighting the urge to make sand out of pearls

she's hiding, she's hiding on a battleship of baggage and bones
there's thunder, there's lightening in an avalanche of faces you know

heaven can wait and hell's too far ago
somewhere between what you need and what you know
and they're trying to drive that escalator into the ground

hollywood action

savage chickens by doug savage @ http://www.savagechickens.com


cihangir, istanbul


♥ @ 1st sight!

kahretsin yaa, yine iki aşk arasında kaldım:))

both available @ http://www.asos.com


der letzte sieg einer generation / the last victory of a generation

the uk poll tax riots were a series of riots in british cities during protests against the community charge -commonly known as the poll tax- introduced by the conservative government led by prime minister margaret thatcher. by far the largest occurred in central london on saturday, the 31st of march, 1990, shortly before the poll tax was due to come into force in england and wales. it is thought that the riot in central london, with the countrywide opposition to the community charge  -especially vehement in the north of england and scotland- contributed to the downfall of margaret thatcher, who resigned as prime minister in november the same year. the next prime minister, john major, announced it would be abolished.

* unfortunately, the english version of the lyrics is not always correct. for a much better translation: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/wenn-es-passiert-when-if-it-happens.html

*  bonus: the official video

wir sind helden - wenn es passiert (von hier an blind)


via http://www.wylfwt.com

the witness

"i have been a witness, and these pictures are my testimony. the events i have recorded should not be forgotten and must not be repeated."  

bosnia, 1993 - mourning a soldier killed by serbs and buried in what was once a football field.
sudan, 1993 - famine victim about to receive water in a feeding center.
afghanistan, 1996 - mourning a brother killed by a taliban rocket.
chechnya, 1996 - no man' s land between russian army and chechen rebels in grozny.


kusturica ile uğraşmak size mi kaldı?

diego armando maradona - la mano de dios 
(from the documentary "maradona by kusturica", 2008)

ben de topyekun "düşman" ilan ediyorum üç kuruşluk popülarite uğruna binbir türlü demagoji yapanları.

* tunca arslan'ın bu konuda güzel bir yazısına rastladım; onu da paylaşayım dedim:



dresden, den 13. - 15. februar 1945

"history is written by the victors." 
 winston churchill

that's probably why story of dresden never got so popular as concentration camps.