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annemarie schwarzenbach und ihr mercedes mannheim (berlin, 1932) via http://www.kultur-online.net

annemarie schwarzenbach und ihr hund doktor (engadin, 1936) via http://www.kultur-online.net


the work of stenberg brothers

six girls seeking shelter (1927)

vladimir stenberg (1899-1982) and georgii stenberg (1900-1933) whose father was a swede and whose mother was a russian, were both born in moscow. they first studied engineering, then attended the stroganov school of applied art in moscow and subsequently the moscow svomas (free studios), where they and other students designed decorations and posters for the first may day celebration (1918).
the innovative visual aspects of stenberg posters included a distortion of perspective, elements from dada photomontage, an exaggerated scale, a sense of movement, and a dynamic use of color and typography- eventually all were to be imitated by others. the stenberg artwork was frequently based on stills from the films. the posters by the brothers working together were realized within the nine-year period from 1924 to 1933, until georgii died at age 33 when his motorcycle hit a truck. vladimir continued to work on film posters and organized the decorations of moscow's red square for the may day celebration of 1947.

high society wager (1927)

the green alley (1929)

the man with the movie camera (1929)

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