deutsche straßen

by conny blom
by unknown artist

by ömer polak

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"...but i wasn't done waiting for them. just let me wait forever, knowing they will one day come."

paw paw, the future (by miranda july, 2011)


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"accidental archives" is a project by sara cwynar based on arrangement and documentation of saved objects, personal photographs and found images sorted by color, which she transformed into a series of beautiful photographic still lifes.


stairway to heaven

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the 16th ave tiled steps in san francisco s a collaborative work between irish ceramist aileen barr and mosaic artist colette crutcher that took 2.5 years and 300 volunteers to execute, and it was finished in 2005 using 2,000 handmade tiles and 75,000 fragments of tile, mirror and stained glass.