out of time

and you've been so busy lately

that you haven't found the time

to open up your mind

and watch the world spinning 

gently out of time 

feel the sunshine on your face

it's in a computer now

gone to the future, way out in space

tell me i'm not dreaming- but are we out of time?


happy meals

ravioli @ miranda, palermo,  buenos aires

gnocchi @ miei amici, san telmo, buenos aires

picadas @ el tokio, san antonio de areco

cheesecake @ cafe m, recoleta, buenos aires

caprese @ la perla, la boca, buenos aires

americano @ el copacabana, montevideo


boca, mi buen amigo

boca juniors fans @ la bombonera

* ps: leaving for buenos aires & montevideo for two weeks- will be back with photos.